Journaling – Spiritual Enrichment

Spiritual Enrichment

1.    Attend lectures, learn something new each day

2.    Prayers

3.    Seek wise words from a trusted elder

We often come across words of wisdom that we want to remember and weave into our lives in some way.  Include these in your Personal Growth Journal. Write them down and pin them up where you can see them. Spiritual awakening and renewal often comes in its own time, we cannot force it regardless of what is happening in our lives.  Keeping a record in our journals, whether it is daily or weekly, provides a reference, a point for whatever steps we choose to take.  If we fail to write them down they can and will be easily forgotten.  Journaling the process of our personal life’s journey, our path, establishes a solid foundation upon which we can build from and from which we can make future decisions.

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”
Stephen Covey


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