Leave a great gift to your kids and grandkids, your loving memories.  Think about all the things you want to share with them.  Stories of how they grew up, your own childhood, loving memories of life.

Family Stores 

1.    You growing up

2.    Aunts and Uncles

3.    Grandparents, Great Grandparents

4.    The big snow storm

Everyone loves stories, especially when it involves family.  Write about the day they were born, your first Christmas memory, your first vacation, camping trip.  These memories will be enjoyed for years and years and passed down from generation to generation.  Now families are scattered around the world, like mine, and these stories need to be written down in order to survive.  Every family has stories about long ago they enjoy.  I remember one about my Grandmother being a midwife.

Write about the day your children were born to hand down to your grandchildren.

Write them all down as you remember them.  Don’t worry about spelling, just write the story.

“The thing about family disasters is that you never have to wait long before the next one puts the previous one into perspective.” ~Robert Brault




Creative Journaling has no boundaries.  Write, draw, stamp, color!!  You do not have to stay within the lines.  Write a story; create a song, a poem.  Over the years you will build a wealth of notes that could lead anywhere you want to go, the next great novel, or screen play.

You never know!!

“All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” – Steve Martin


1.    Romantic

2.    Lyrical

3.    Silly

4.    Thoughtful

There are quite a few faces to poetry, from metered rhyming verses to free style to a more formal structure.  All are great for journaling; whether they are serious, fun/silly, and lyrical or thought-provoking they are all a great form of expressing yourself in your journals.

Free Verse Poems

1.    Emotions

2.    Worries

3.    Humor

4.    Sensitivities

Free verse poems don’t rhyme or have any set meter but they flow from you mind, your heart, and your soul with rhythm.

Essays and Prose

1.    Fiction-Write a story

2.    Real life-Write about a day/week in your life

3.    Fable-Write a fairy tale

4.    Observations

Create a fairy tale with yourself as a hero.  Use fact, fantasy and anything else that comes to mind. Bring out the writer that is hiding within you.


1.    Tell a story

2.    Parody-Tong-in-cheek

Songs usually tell a story.  Pour your heart out; let your emotions tell a story in song. Write a funny parody about life.


Create a Nature and Garden Journal


Mother Nature offers us endless resources for personal renewal.  Wild horses running across an empty field or through the desert, new baby kittens or puppies,  a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.  Describe the wonderful smells after a rainstorm.

Sit outside on your porch or patio and write down or draw the beauty you see.

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Garden Journaling

1.    Flowers

2.    Bugs

3.    Weeds

4.    Vegetables

Plant a garden then track your success or not so successful journey.  What you planted, what lived what died.  Chart your bulbs and the dates they were planted.  What was the plants progress?  Was it a dry season or a wet season?  Plan your pruning schedule.  Sketch your garden plan and see how it changes season to season.

How often do you water, is it enough, too much? What did you do to enrich the soil.  Make a chart of what you planted and where.  How did all this make you feel?  Describe how you felt the first time one of your seeds sprouted.

“My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view.” ~H. Fred Dale

Backyard Journaling 

1.    Bees

2.    Pets

3.    Birds

4.    Critters

Record the various critters that visit your back yard.  The birds that feed there, the cat from next door that chase them.  Record and describe the butterflies that visit your flower garden.  What flowers attracted the hummingbirds, the butterflies.  Describe the wonderful colors, sounds and smells.

I love the smell of a newly mowed lawn.  The smell of rosemary in the hot sun.  Write down not only what you see but how it makes you feel.

“The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. “~Hanna Rion

Weather Journal 

1.    Temperature

2.    Snow

3.    Wind

4.    Rain

My Father writes in his journal every day and each day starts out with the weather report.  Whether it is monsoons, snowstorms where Aunt Maude lives or wondering if your favorite vacation spot still exists after a really bad storm.  The damage from the storm, be sure to include pictures. How high the snow drifts were during the last GREAT blizzard.

It is always fun to go back and see what the weather was like last week or five years ago.

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” ~John Ruskin

Life Should Come With a Manual!

Life Should Come With a Manual!

When you were born there should have been a rather large manual lying in the crib beside you at the hospital.  You know, a manual that explains what is coming and what you may or may not need to do about it.

Did anyone ever explain the art of putting on your socks?  Do you put them both on then your shoes or the left sock and left shoe then the right or should it be the right sock, shoe and then the left?  Things like that were never explained.  Why?

Since life’s mysteries still haunt me every day, I thought I would give it a try and create my “Life Manual”.  Here are just a few things I think should be included.

Dentist:  Mom would tell me to clean my teeth every day but would only say they would rot out if I didn’t.  She left out the fact that if I didn’t there would be an ensuing visit to the dentist which would then bring me unbelievable pain not the mention the hygienist from hell that lectured you and extracted great joy in the pain she was inflecting on you.

School:  Yes school was/is necessary, but they could have made it a lot more fun.  Maybe I would have learned more.

Chores:  This is to be avoided.  Not only are chores not fun but according to my Mom I never did them correctly so why even go there.  Even as an adult chores should be avoided.  Every house should be self cleaning and clean clothes should fold themselves. Dust should be against the law.

Sharing: There were five of us growing up together and if you didn’t learn to share there were lots of fights and tears.  Sharing became an art form.  If you REALLY wanted something you pretended it wasn’t important so your sister didn’t want it too!

Love:  Love is not sex.  Love comes in many forms.  Love of family, love of pets, romantic love, love of chocolate, self love (very necessary in life).  Follow not only your heart by your head and you will be ok.

Hate:  Hating someone or something is not worth the time and effort.  Love is so much more rewarding.

Bugs:  There are good bugs and bad bugs.  Creepy bugs and cute buts, but all of them are necessary to our environment.  I had to learn to get over my fear of bugs with my oldest son, he loved bugs.  So if you don’t like bugs, avoid them.

Deal with it:  Life is not always fair so make the best of it.  Learn, grow, learn some more.  If life deals you lemons, make lemon pie.

Breast: They are never the size (naturally) that you want them.  Men make too big of a deal about this area on a woman.  If they are too big our backs and shoulders hurt.  If they are small….well why is it men think they can embarrass us for fun? Guys, grow up!  Women are beautiful!

Death of a pet:  To me the death of a pet is like loosing part of my family.  They love you unconditionally.  You loved them, you cared for them and you morn them.

Death of family:  This is one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with, death.  I lost my Grandparents, my Father-in-law and my Mother-in law.  The hurt gets less with time, but I miss them each and every day.

What do  you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be a cowgirl, then a teacher like my cousin Emily Jackson, she was my fourth grade teacher.  I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. As I grow I learn and change.

Do you conform or do you boldly strike out alone:  This is one you need to figure out for yourself.  Research, learn, decide.  Never stop learning.

Do you have any you want to add?  Please comment, would love to know what you think!!!!

Journaling – Freedom from Negative Feelings

Ventilate, Air Out Your Feelings 

1.    Negative Feelings

2.    Anger

3.    Misunderstandings

4.    What annoys you

Don’t try to write skillful, expert prose or try to analyze your feelings too much. Just spill out your guts your emotions as fully and truthfully as possible without judging yourself. Try to write for ten or fifteen minutes straight daily. If you can’t don’t feel like your failed, sometimes one bold statement says it all.

There are times when you just can’t say, out loud, what you really feel.  We all know that if we hold in our feelings like misguided anger, it can wreak havoc on our lives and can blow the lid off our mental health.  Journaling provides an ever-obtainable release.  Write it, close your journal and walk away from the problem.  You can either dump it all in your journal or take it out on your loved ones and have a quiet coronary!  Later, re-read your writing for possible insight.

I find when I write things down in my journal, something that is really bothering me, then closing the journal, it allows me to walk away and find peace.  If the problem is important you can then go back later with a clear mind and deal with it.

See my journals at

Journaling -Happy Things

Things that make me happy

My husband:  My husband is the best man in the whole world.  Proof is that he puts up with me.  I am a unique person and sometimes hard to handle.

My kids:  I have the best kids in the whole world and they are what makes me the person I am today.  They are what motivates me.

My cats:  My wonderful cats love me and my family unconditionally and I love them.

Sun Shine:  360 days of sunshine in Arizona, what is not to love.

Cloudy Days:  When you get 360 days of sunshine in Arizona, cloudy days are celebrated!

Rain:  Rain washes the sky clean.  It is nourishment for the earth and my garden.

Cool water on a hot day:  Nothing more refreshing than a cool drink of water on a hot  day.  Dangling you feet off a pier in cool water.

Green Trees:  Refreshing and calming to the eyes and other senses.

My garden:  It is so calming to go play in the dirt in my garden.  To see how everything is growing, the vegetables, the herbs and my flowers.

Dinner with my friends:  We are a crazy group and there is nothing more fun than to spend my Wednesday nights laughing with them.

Family:  Where would I be without my family.

Quiet Moments: Early mornings when I have the world all to my self and I can hear my heart beat..