Journaling -Happy Things

Things that make me happy

My husband:  My husband is the best man in the whole world.  Proof is that he puts up with me.  I am a unique person and sometimes hard to handle.

My kids:  I have the best kids in the whole world and they are what makes me the person I am today.  They are what motivates me.

My cats:  My wonderful cats love me and my family unconditionally and I love them.

Sun Shine:  360 days of sunshine in Arizona, what is not to love.

Cloudy Days:  When you get 360 days of sunshine in Arizona, cloudy days are celebrated!

Rain:  Rain washes the sky clean.  It is nourishment for the earth and my garden.

Cool water on a hot day:  Nothing more refreshing than a cool drink of water on a hot  day.  Dangling you feet off a pier in cool water.

Green Trees:  Refreshing and calming to the eyes and other senses.

My garden:  It is so calming to go play in the dirt in my garden.  To see how everything is growing, the vegetables, the herbs and my flowers.

Dinner with my friends:  We are a crazy group and there is nothing more fun than to spend my Wednesday nights laughing with them.

Family:  Where would I be without my family.

Quiet Moments: Early mornings when I have the world all to my self and I can hear my heart beat..


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