Journaling – Freedom from Negative Feelings

Ventilate, Air Out Your Feelings 

1.    Negative Feelings

2.    Anger

3.    Misunderstandings

4.    What annoys you

Don’t try to write skillful, expert prose or try to analyze your feelings too much. Just spill out your guts your emotions as fully and truthfully as possible without judging yourself. Try to write for ten or fifteen minutes straight daily. If you can’t don’t feel like your failed, sometimes one bold statement says it all.

There are times when you just can’t say, out loud, what you really feel.  We all know that if we hold in our feelings like misguided anger, it can wreak havoc on our lives and can blow the lid off our mental health.  Journaling provides an ever-obtainable release.  Write it, close your journal and walk away from the problem.  You can either dump it all in your journal or take it out on your loved ones and have a quiet coronary!  Later, re-read your writing for possible insight.

I find when I write things down in my journal, something that is really bothering me, then closing the journal, it allows me to walk away and find peace.  If the problem is important you can then go back later with a clear mind and deal with it.

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2 thoughts on “Journaling – Freedom from Negative Feelings

  1. excellent posts! everything you say is 101% true….i write in my own journals all the time…problem is, some of the stuff i write is for my eyes only…should anyone else open my journals up….guaranteed trouble…!

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