Travel, Vacation Journal

Travel Journaling

Travel whether it is near or far is a great opportunity to learn and grow outside your normal surroundings.  People, places and notes about prices, where not to stay, are all great information.  You might want to keep a separate journal for each journey.

Travel Lessons

1.    Hotels

2.    Rentals

3.    Airlines

Keeping track of where not to stay, where the best hotels or eateries are.  Track the weather, the delightful or grouchy people of the area.  Hiking trails, which one were easy which ones had the poison ivy!!  Take pictures of your hikes and attach to your journal pages, draw pictures, or press wild flowers between your pages.

Sensory Record

1.    Sight

2.    Sound

3.    Color

Make your entries live with descriptive words; this will instantly take you back to any vacation or trip.  Don’t wait until the journey is over or there will be so much forgotten.  Capture the mood with drawings, sketches, and pictures that you tape inside your journal pages.  Take notes as you go along, then sit down each evening and write while your relive your wonderful day.

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” — Oscar Wilde


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