Enough Time

Enough Time

There never seems to be enough time in your life let alone in your day.  You seem to rush from one thing to another and as you are doing so, lose your focus on what is important.

For me what is important is family, health and security and it isn’t always in that order!  For a lot of people it is finding a job to give security not only to themselves but to their family.

I saw a news report the other night that said for every job posted there are 30.5 people applying.  In my little part of the world a company had a job fair for 30 jobs and over 400  people showed up in two days to apply for those entry-level jobs.

Those of us who are under employed or unemployed feel like we are letting our families down and ourselves in the process.  We all need a sense of security in our lives. We need to know we are accomplishing something.

Journal, it helps to release stress and you may have a clearer picture of the situation and be able to create a path to follow, a plan.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  ―    John Lennon


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