Musings on a Hot Day

It’s hot here, then again Arizona is usually hot.  April through October you can count on it being hot.  But seriously I am tired of temperatures over 110 degrees every day.

I haven’t always lived in Arizona.  I came from Ohio, a small farming community when I was in high school where you actually had four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  Here in Arizona you have Mildly Hot and Really Stinking Hot.

We moved her when I was in high school and I left behind my boyfriend and my best friend Judy.  Judy was and is a great and understanding friend.  She is not judgmental and was my friend even though I was on the shy side and geeky!  I envied (I was actually jealous) of Judy’s ability to make friends and talk to just about anyone.  Groups of people then and now scare me.  I would rather be making my journals, on the computer or reading a good book.

But I am rambling.  Yes although Arizona is HOT, really HOT  this is home and I love it here.  Think I will stay!