Buying on the Internet

Most sellers on the internet are good, honest people trying to make a living or extra income for their family.  But YOU as a buyer have responsibilities too.

Any time you buy on the internet or even from a catalog, be sure and read the description of the product.

What are the measurements?

What is it made of? (will you have to iron it)

Is it dry clean only? (adds to the overall cost of the item)

What is the condition? New, Used?

Is it for indoor or outdoor use?

Do they have a return policy?

I had a gentleman buy a leather bag I had made that was for a Notebook Computer, he wanted it for a Laptop and was angry because it was too small.  When I asked him if he read the description he said “No”.  I had him return the item because as a seller I value my reputation.

ALSO read what the seller is charging for shipping and how fast you will get the item.  If you are ordering something for a gift you need in less than a week and the shipping is Media Mail, you won’t get it in time.  Upgrade the shipping.  Also how much are they charging?  You can go out to the USPS site and see what is a reasonable charge for the weight and size of the item.

If you are unsure about the item, ask for more pictures.   The seller that won’t give you more pictures has something to hide or is too lazy.   Either way you don’t want to do business with them.

There are LOTS of Artists and Crafters out there who make quality products and would be glad to give you as much information as you need.   They want your business.

Remember, Buy From Local Small Businesses this Holiday Season!  Got to Craft Fairs and to your local Farmers Market and you will find great gifts.

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Support Your Local Arts and Crafts

Support Small Businesses

Artists and Crafters are Small Business Owners.  We give birth to our creations out of love for what we do and also to support our families through the income we make.  We need your help to stay in business.

This Holiday Season shop at your local Small Art/Craft Businesses.  Go to one of your local Craft Fairs and you will be surprised at the wonderfully unique gifts you can purchase for those you love.  You can buy art, baby gifts, pet items, pottery, candles, leather craft and lots more.  The choices are endless!  You can also purchase practical items to use around the house.

I bought the best tea towels at a local craft fair a couple of years ago, very absorbent.  I was smart enough to get this crafters business card so I could order more when I wore them out.

So go to the internet, search on Local Art and Craft Fairs and support Local Small Business Owners.  Go to your local Farmers Market or the local Art Walks and have fun!

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Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze

This morning, while brushing my teeth, I could think of a dozen topics I wanted to write about.  I could even write them in my head.  They were glib and sometimes profound.  AND the words flowed… my head.

So when I finally sat down and faced a blank sheet of paper (yes I still write on paper, no technology for me)  my mind froze!  The space between my ears was once again One Big Empty.

Yes I have thought about carrying around my journal for those moments when I am brilliant, but you can carry just so much in your purse before it gets so heavy your arm drops off.  I have been know to write ideas while at a traffic light.   I had a friend that use to write while she was driving her car.  WOW I am betting that is more dangerous than texting.  (Please don’t text and drive my friends.)

So here I am once again with I am sure lots of good ideas in my head and the words are stuck somewhere!

“writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all”
Charles Bukowski