Support Your Local Arts and Crafts

Support Small Businesses

Artists and Crafters are Small Business Owners.  We give birth to our creations out of love for what we do and also to support our families through the income we make.  We need your help to stay in business.

This Holiday Season shop at your local Small Art/Craft Businesses.  Go to one of your local Craft Fairs and you will be surprised at the wonderfully unique gifts you can purchase for those you love.  You can buy art, baby gifts, pet items, pottery, candles, leather craft and lots more.  The choices are endless!  You can also purchase practical items to use around the house.

I bought the best tea towels at a local craft fair a couple of years ago, very absorbent.  I was smart enough to get this crafters business card so I could order more when I wore them out.

So go to the internet, search on Local Art and Craft Fairs and support Local Small Business Owners.  Go to your local Farmers Market or the local Art Walks and have fun!

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