Listing on the Internet 101

If you are listing on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or any number of other sites, make sure your listings are effective.

First you need to ask “What am I going to sell”.

Second question “Is there a demand /market for this product”.

Third question is “What price”.

DO THE RESEARCH.  Just because you like something doesn’t mean there is a market for it. OK, now you have a product.  Take good pictures from every angle.  Pictures sell your product.  Don’t have dirty dishes or anything as a background that is going to compete with your product.  Crop your pictures as close to the product as possible so it shows every detail.

Title – Use key words that describe your product but are also searchable.  Don’t use WOW, Look, or Beautiful.  These are useless words and they take up valuable space.  If they are looking at your listing they have already decided it is WOW!

Price – Again do your research.  Look at like products on several sites.  If you charge too much your product you will not sell.  If the item doesn’t sell in a few months, put it on sale.  You do not want to pay fees over and over on an item that won’t sell.  Cut your losses and move on to a better item in your online shop.

Description – Write a GREAT description in bullet points or short sentences.  Paragraphs/stories will chase a customer away.  Customers do not have time to read all that extra “stuff”.  Today’s customers are shopping at work when they are not suppose to be on the internet and they literally have seconds to make a decision and buy your product.  They will go to another listing if the description goes on and on.

Also consider the fact that more and more people are shopping from their phones and those screens are small.  Your customer does not want to scroll through unnecessary verbiage.

Description accuracy is very important.  You do not want a dissatisfied customer or a return because the description was not accurate.  Give them color, any cracks chips, or flaws.  If selling clothing measure the item.  Sizes do not run true and a large t-shirt could actually be a medium.

Now, go forth and SELL and have fun doing it!



Teach Your Children About Money

Parents, teach your children about Money!  How to budget, save, plan ahead.  Did I mention SAVE.  Teach them the difference between what is a need, what is a want and what is nice to have.

I was never taught about money as a child.  Money as a deep dark secret and I didn’t need to know where it came from and how my parents used money to get food and keep us in a nice warm house.  Consequently when I started out on my own I got myself into trouble with credit cards.  If it was pretty I bought it.  If it struck my fancy or my friends owned one, I bought it.  I never asked myself if I needed it or if I would use/wear it.  The damage I did at this point in my life took me years to repair.

I no longer look at the sale ads when they come out.  Sure if I really need something I check the ads or go on line to find out where it is the cheapest, BEFORE I go out and buy it.

I keep two lists all year long, a NEED list and a WANT list.  At the end of the year I am surprised how most of my want items are still there because they were really not needed after all!

Teach your child to save.  My brother-in-law told me once “Pay yourself first”.  With every paycheck I have a certain amount automatically deposited into my savings.  I find that if it is not in my checking account I don’t spend it.  You will be astonished how fast that savings account, “rainy day fund” increases!

Get your child a Piggy Bank and have them start saving for that “rainy day” or an item they need.  You and they will be glad you did.