Setting Priorities

Do you set daily, weekly priorities or do you avoid them?   I make a weekly list of what I need to get done.   I write down my priorities in what I feel is a logical order then walk away for a couple of hours.  Then, when I come back, I usually end up rearranging the order of what is important.

I always put what I dread the most first on my list and tackle that right away, like “Pay Bills” which I hate to do.  When I accomplish that, I feel really good, and dive in to the rest of my list.  The best feeling is drawling a line through the items I accomplish…..Done and Done!

Don’t make your list complicated, keep it simple and focused.  I usually have one or two words that are a reminder of what I need to do.  If your list is too complicated you will walk away from it overwhelmed and never get anything done.  Remember not everything on your list is always going to get done.  Life happens and you will either move the item down on the list or it’s no longer important.  You always need to be ready to adapt and change.  If the item is important enough put it on next weeks list.

Some people have a jar with really big jobs written down on a piece of paper.  Once a week they take an item out of the jar and “Get it done”.  You will be amazed how good it feels.

“Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.”  Dallin H. Oaks

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Live your life to it’s fullest!

Live your life to its fullest!

Don’t ever feel you have to be what you aren’t just because it’s what someone else wants.  Be you.  Do what makes you happy.  Do what makes your soul sing!  Don’t follow, lead.

It is never to late.  You don’t need money to be happy.  You don’t need a lot of “stuff”.  Sometimes the simplest things are the best things.  A cat’s purr, the moment the sun comes up in the morning and turns the eastern sky a mauve pink.  Writing a “To Do” list for the day and being excited to accomplish them.

Don’t spend another minute hating what you do.  Do what you are passionate about, what makes YOU happy.  Art, writing, gardening, even if it is only for a few hours ad day…….DO IT!  Don’t get stuck in a miserable rut, Seriously, life is too short to be unhappy every day.

Don’t go into the family business, the family career just because that is what your family has done for hundreds of years.  Don’t let someone else structure your life. You are a unique individual.  Find YOUR passion.