Excuse Me! Where are Your Manners?

What ever happened to common courtesy? To the simple everyday manners your mom taught you when you were growing up. Did you loose them, did you forget them, what?

The assumption seems to be that the young; especially teenagers, are the ones who are very discourteous, even rude to their elders. On the contrary, I find teenagers to be very polite and a lot of teens go out of their way to help you. I have had more young people hold open doors for me than adults. It is the middle age and the elderly that seem to have a problem, they seem to have either lost or forgotten their manners.

Recently I was in a clothing store buying a suit for yet another interview. When I approached the cashier there was not another customer around. The cashier greeted me, smiled, and asked if I had found everything I needed and started my transaction. Halfway through my transaction a 60ish woman walked up to the counter pushed me aside and placed her articles on the counter. Then in a demanding voice told the cashier (who was young, probably just out of High School) “Wait on me, I’m in a hurry.” The cashier very pleasantly stated that she would be with her as soon as she finished my transaction. The woman started getting upset and said, “No, you don’t understand, I am in a hurry.”

At this point, it is all I could do not to say something to this woman, but remembering my manners, I kept my mouth shut. The very well trained cashier stated firmly but politely that the woman could wait until our transaction was completed or she was welcome to locate another cashier who was available.

Well the 60ish woman held her ground; that is to say she was still in my space making huffing noises, and being incredibly rude. As the cashier finished my transaction, (this woman was so close she was probably memorizing the numbers off my credit card) I was tempted to turn to Ms Huffy and state. “Sorry, was I in your way?” But my Mom taught me manners, so I thanked the cashier for her courtesy and walked away laughing.

Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them.  ~Bill Kelly

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