Create What You Love

When I first started out making journals it was out of necessity.  I had just been layed off from my job and the journal I had bought from the Renaissance Festival years before was worn out and tattered looking.  So I started looking online at journals and found the prices (for someone who was without a job) excessive.  So I grabbed my old journal took a good look and decided “I can do this”!  This is how Dragon Alley began.

I went to my local leather store and found a nice piece of black leather.  Then I went to my local office supply and got acid free, recycled paper for my journal, nothing fancy.  I used unlined paper as I also use my journal for an Art Diary.

Then I agonized for several hours were to cut the leather for my journal.  Did I want a natural edge or did I want to cut a fancy edge.  As I am a very down to earth person, jeans and t-shirt girl, I picked the natural edge of the leather.

My next step was to take 50 sheets of 8.5 by 11 paper and cut it in half to make one hundred 5.5 by 8.5 sheets which equals 200 pages.  I three hole punched each sheet, and did the same on my leather (use a leather punch on the leather).

The last step was to cut two long strips of leather to make my binding and a tie to keep my journal closed.

This all sounds like a fairly simple process but I am a perfectionist and this little project actually took several days.

I now make journals for a living and I love the creativity, the touch and the smell of the leather.  If I could I think I would keep every journal I make.

I love what I do and would not change anything about how I got here.  Create what you love!

If you want to see my journals and other leather items I make, go to my site on eBay at:

Leather Journal








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