A Year Living Cheap, The Beginning

I have decided to live a year, 365 days, as cheaply as possible.  This means as my Grandma Jo would say, “Make do, do over, do without.”  I believe this is not as easy as it sounds.  My immediate goal is to pay off all my bills and then save for a trip over seas.  “You can’t do that in a year”, I hear you all saying, and that is probably true, but this is a good beginning.

So, tackling this goal I need to know 1) What drives me  2) What I want to accomplish &  3) What are my priorities?

What drives me is to live sensibly and below my income, NOT at or above my income.  What I want to accomplish is to pay off all my bills and my trip aboard.  The third is what are my priorities, which to me is, what do I feel are the necessities in my life/budget, where am I going to spend my money.

Here is the list I put together.

Groceries – Food, Water, Paper Products, Personal Products

Shelter – Mortgage or Rent

Utilities – Electricity, Gas, Trash, Phone

Clothing – Basic clothing, underwear, and         replacement of clothing that is worn out

Health Care – Doctor, Medication, Supplements

Car – Gas, Oil, Major Repairs

I will address individually each necessity next week, at the end of “Week One”, as these are not as black and white as they sound.

What do you feel is a necessity for day to day living?





3 thoughts on “A Year Living Cheap, The Beginning

  1. Hey – friend! We are on the same track! My dad has recently switched to VOIP phone service, as a cost saving measure, say it will be a significant saving. We are going to look into that – very complicated and lots of angles to investigate, but worth it – I think. I plan on cancelling my cell phone at the end of it’s contract – Ron and I are together so much two cell phones seems silly. (too be honest, we lived a lot of years without cell phones – are they really necessary?) Already went from “smart” to “dumb” phones as my 18 year old granddaughter calls them – and we are also looking at cancelling Directv – again, at the end of our current contract. We’re also “downsizing” and getting rid of things no longer needed – how many screwdrivers can one man own??!!?? lol (love those pokes!) Have a great day!!

    • Poor Ron….although Rusty has lots of screwdrivers and can never find one of them. I have down sized all my
      clothes since I telecommute and all I need is a t-shirt and jeans. As for the phone, land line is gone but will keep the
      cell phones (we also have dumb phones) as I feel it is a safety issue when I am out and about. Free Pie soon?

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