Do you REALLY need that new outfit? A Year of Living Cheap

The second week went better, no buying disasters!  Although, I still freak out at the grocery checkout every week.  Food has gotten so expensive and right now it’s too hot for my garden in Arizona. 

Today we are going to talk about clothing, which is number 4 on our list of necessities.   Yes, clothing is a necessity in life, unless you live deep in the forest and the animals don’t care what you look like.

When buying clothing you should only be buying a replacement for something that is either beyond repair or you have out grown.  When buying clothing you need to look for something that  doesn’t go out of fashion the minute you walk out of the store.  If you are doing that then you are just throwing your money away.  Buy a blouse or pants that you can mix and match with other items in your closet.

I have a group of friends that get together twice a year and bring their clothing, that are still in good condition, to trade.  They make it into a party with wine and cheese so it’s a lot of fun.  You’ll be surprised how many great outfits you can put together with just a few accent pieces like scarves or a different color jacket, pants, or funky shoes.

I have a “thing” for silk blouses so I buy a lot of my clothing at thrift or consignment stores.  I know my brother-in-law’s eyes are spinning as he passes out from the thought of wearing someone else’s clothing, but a lot of the clothing I buy still have the tags on them.  I treat my clothing like they cost a million bucks and they last me a long time.

Shopaholics buy without thought to what they are getting and when or where they will wear it and never wear a lot of their clothing.  Then they get rid of them so they can buy more.  Some people get a high from just buying the item.  I get a high from saving money on the items they tossed out!

You should also have a “Need & Want” list.  The “Need” list is again necessities and the “Want” would be nice to have, but do you really need it?   I create my list of “Wants” and then start saving my money little by little every month and usually but the time I have saved up enough money I find that I really don’t want the item.  Believe it or not I usually feel really great about this fact. Now I have that extra money in my savings account for emergencies.

So go look at your closet and start mixing and matching up new outfits.  You will be surprised how many new looks you can create  at no extra cost!

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”
Benjamin Franklin

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