The Science Experiment – A Year Living Cheap

Do you grow your own food?  Do you can, pickle, or jelly.  If not you should.  When vegetables or fruit are on sale you should take advantage and can or freeze for the future.

This weekend my sister made Bread & Butter Pickles.   This assures (unless her husband gets into them) that she has a supply of great pickles all winter and it saves her money.

My husband and I started 3 gallons of Apple/Cherry Wine.  This process takes about 6 weeks in warm weather and up to 6 months in cold weather.  It is well worth the process and the wait.  I have people begging for a bottle of my wine AND it is so much cheaper than the $20.00 a bottle you will pay for a good wine, and mine is soooo much better!  Plus lots of fun and very satisfying when you are enjoying the finished product.

I will also make my own jelly & jams for the winter.  You can make them from fruit that is on sale, from your own garden or apple jelly is good made from canned juice!  This jam is such a treat and so good with a hot cup of coffee or tea.  I also give my creations as gifts, and people swoon over them!

Don’t think you are crafty or creative enough?  Do a search on simple jam recipes and you will be amazed how easy they are and you don’ need fancy equipment to do this.  Sure you kitchen may look like a science experiment gone wrong, but it is fun and fulfilling!

Save money, have fun and amaze you family with your yummies!

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