Cut Costs on Home Office Supplies- A Year of Living Cheap

I try to cut costs when ever and where ever I can.  Like printer ink.  The ink for my Epson Printer costs around $75.00 dollars for the four different ink colors my printer uses.  Granted this is the XL size but WOW that is a lot of money.  Yes I use this printer for my Dragon Alley Journals business, but still a lot of money.  So I try to make my ink last as long as possible by printing in draft mode and both sides of the paper (saving paper too).  When you need a professional print, it is simple to put the printer back in standard print mode.  This, plus ignoring the warning that my ink is low, because there is still at least two weeks left on the ink.  The manufactures set this warning to go off early in order to sell more ink.

I also buy my office products on sale.  The office product store I go to (because it is close, thus saving gas) sends out emails with coupons and what the current sales are, so I signed up for the email.  I also have their “Rewards” card and every month they send me at least a $9.00 dollar off coupon that helps save money on the products I buy, specialty paper, ink, etc.

I buy my printer paper at Wal-Mart, yes a free plug.  The reason I do is they have by far the cheapest price for printer paper and it is every bit as good as the office supply store and at a third of the price.  Do not be fooled, do your research.

I also haunt Goodwill in their office supply section and have scored on great paper finds and journal inserts for pennies.  I have also found top of the line pen and pencil sets again for pennies, compared to what they would sell for in other stores.

So shop around, find the best deals and save money.

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