What in the world is a “Play Date”?

I hear parents talking about “Play Dates” for Susie and Bobby.  What in the world is a “Play Date”? 

When I was young we did not have to book a play date with another kid.  We walked across the street or next door and played with Billy, Joyce or Yolanda.  It was spontaneous, it was fun and we had many adventures.  Our moms always knew were we were.  All they had to do was lean out the back door and yell our names.  If we didn’t hear them one of the neighbors did and let us know to get our butts home, pronto!

Our “block” was five miles long and we use to ride our bikes around that “block” at least once a week.  My sisters and I would pack a few PP&J sandwiches and some Kool-Aid and take all morning or afternoon exploring the farmers fields, the woods and some of the small streams.   My sisters and I would crawl through culverts and play in the mud!  We would even stop and visit some of the folks that attended the same church, like Roger and Gladys or George and Dorothy.  They loved kids and we were part of their family too, so yes they spoiled us.  Our parents never had to worry about us.  They knew where we were and knew the neighbors along the way would keep an eye out for us.

I feel sorry for the kids today, they have no imagination and their day is planned for them with “Play Dates” and computer games.

Go outside, smell the fresh air and get a little dirt on those designer clothes!

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