Life is GOOD!

Some mornings are frustrating from the very beginning. My first clue, as I am stumbling down the hall with my eyes half closed, I step into cold cat barf. I suppress the urge to scream as I hop down the hall on one foot so I don’t spread the joy.   I grab paper towels and spray cleaner and clean the gross crap off my foot first. When that is cleaned up I run for the coffee which is so very necessary to get me through my mornings. COFFEE!   But wait…..the fancy automated coffee maker did not start. So I push the manual button as I stare longingly at the empty carafe. Must have my coffee.

To kill time, I start my computer only to find there are three bazillion updates waiting to load! I watch the counter 3 of 468, well this is going to take awhile. I really didn’t need to get any work done, at least not in the near future, as my computer continues to count down the numerous updates. COFFEE!

I stumble back down the hall to get my glasses so I can see…..yes that is the kind of morning I am having, I forgot my glasses when I got up and I really need to see.   On my way back out to check on my coffee, I peek into my daughters bedroom to see her peacefully sleeping.   A beautiful calm look on her face and suddenly everything is fine. Life is good.

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Cat Lover!

I am a cat lover…dogs scare me.  This phobia is because I was bit by my next door neighbors dog as a child. I still shy away from dogs to this day, but cats are my friends and my loving family.

I officially became the crazy cat lady when we, as a family, adopted our fourth cat, Thor Kitty.  Thor Kitty is a lover and was abandoned by his last family and your guess is as good as mine on why.  Thor is such a loving cat, but still being a kitten (he is under two years) he gets into mischief.  Thor Kitty will terrorize my cat Boo who is the oldest of the inside cats.  Poor Boo just wants to be left alone AND Thor just wants to play. Boo is my cat, she is a black, all she wants to do is sit by be while I work in my studio.

Athena and Tiger round out our family of cats.  Athena, a muted torte, is a one person cat.  She loves my daughter and only my daughter.  We always warn visitors not to even try to pet her or they may pull back a bloody stub.  Athena hates my husband…..well all men really and she only puts up with me if my daughter is gone.

Tiger is the old man and is about 18 years old.  His name of course came from his orange tiger stripped fur.  He loves my husband and puts up with me because I feed him.  His favorite activity is to knock on the back door so he can walk through the house only to go back out the front door.

Love my cats no matter what.  They are my forever family.

“The cat could very well be man’s best friend but would never stoop to admitting it.”  ~Doug Larson

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Journaling -Happy Things

Things that make me happy

My husband:  My husband is the best man in the whole world.  Proof is that he puts up with me.  I am a unique person and sometimes hard to handle.

My kids:  I have the best kids in the whole world and they are what makes me the person I am today.  They are what motivates me.

My cats:  My wonderful cats love me and my family unconditionally and I love them.

Sun Shine:  360 days of sunshine in Arizona, what is not to love.

Cloudy Days:  When you get 360 days of sunshine in Arizona, cloudy days are celebrated!

Rain:  Rain washes the sky clean.  It is nourishment for the earth and my garden.

Cool water on a hot day:  Nothing more refreshing than a cool drink of water on a hot  day.  Dangling you feet off a pier in cool water.

Green Trees:  Refreshing and calming to the eyes and other senses.

My garden:  It is so calming to go play in the dirt in my garden.  To see how everything is growing, the vegetables, the herbs and my flowers.

Dinner with my friends:  We are a crazy group and there is nothing more fun than to spend my Wednesday nights laughing with them.

Family:  Where would I be without my family.

Quiet Moments: Early mornings when I have the world all to my self and I can hear my heart beat..