Life is GOOD!

Some mornings are frustrating from the very beginning. My first clue, as I am stumbling down the hall with my eyes half closed, I step into cold cat barf. I suppress the urge to scream as I hop down the hall on one foot so I don’t spread the joy.   I grab paper towels and spray cleaner and clean the gross crap off my foot first. When that is cleaned up I run for the coffee which is so very necessary to get me through my mornings. COFFEE!   But wait…..the fancy automated coffee maker did not start. So I push the manual button as I stare longingly at the empty carafe. Must have my coffee.

To kill time, I start my computer only to find there are three bazillion updates waiting to load! I watch the counter 3 of 468, well this is going to take awhile. I really didn’t need to get any work done, at least not in the near future, as my computer continues to count down the numerous updates. COFFEE!

I stumble back down the hall to get my glasses so I can see…..yes that is the kind of morning I am having, I forgot my glasses when I got up and I really need to see.   On my way back out to check on my coffee, I peek into my daughters bedroom to see her peacefully sleeping.   A beautiful calm look on her face and suddenly everything is fine. Life is good.

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Teach Your Children About Money

Parents, teach your children about Money!  How to budget, save, plan ahead.  Did I mention SAVE.  Teach them the difference between what is a need, what is a want and what is nice to have.

I was never taught about money as a child.  Money as a deep dark secret and I didn’t need to know where it came from and how my parents used money to get food and keep us in a nice warm house.  Consequently when I started out on my own I got myself into trouble with credit cards.  If it was pretty I bought it.  If it struck my fancy or my friends owned one, I bought it.  I never asked myself if I needed it or if I would use/wear it.  The damage I did at this point in my life took me years to repair.

I no longer look at the sale ads when they come out.  Sure if I really need something I check the ads or go on line to find out where it is the cheapest, BEFORE I go out and buy it.

I keep two lists all year long, a NEED list and a WANT list.  At the end of the year I am surprised how most of my want items are still there because they were really not needed after all!

Teach your child to save.  My brother-in-law told me once “Pay yourself first”.  With every paycheck I have a certain amount automatically deposited into my savings.  I find that if it is not in my checking account I don’t spend it.  You will be astonished how fast that savings account, “rainy day fund” increases!

Get your child a Piggy Bank and have them start saving for that “rainy day” or an item they need.  You and they will be glad you did.




Leave a great gift to your kids and grandkids, your loving memories.  Think about all the things you want to share with them.  Stories of how they grew up, your own childhood, loving memories of life.

Family Stores 

1.    You growing up

2.    Aunts and Uncles

3.    Grandparents, Great Grandparents

4.    The big snow storm

Everyone loves stories, especially when it involves family.  Write about the day they were born, your first Christmas memory, your first vacation, camping trip.  These memories will be enjoyed for years and years and passed down from generation to generation.  Now families are scattered around the world, like mine, and these stories need to be written down in order to survive.  Every family has stories about long ago they enjoy.  I remember one about my Grandmother being a midwife.

Write about the day your children were born to hand down to your grandchildren.

Write them all down as you remember them.  Don’t worry about spelling, just write the story.

“The thing about family disasters is that you never have to wait long before the next one puts the previous one into perspective.” ~Robert Brault