End of the Year – Don’t Look Back

End of the Year – Don’t Look Back

All to often when faced with the end of the year and making New Year’s Resolutions we look back at what we didn’t accomplish during the last year.  DON’T!!!  Never look back.

Look forward, don’t look back.  Instead of making your usual New Year’s Resolutions make a list of what you want to accomplish…..a To Do List!  Be reasonable, don’t make it a long list, make a list that is attainable over the next 12 months.  That is what I have done for the past two years and love scratching off the items I have accomplished.  It is so gratifying, and when it is gratifying you will be willing to get more accomplished. Don’t stress out over your list either.  Decide what you want to accomplish first and do it then go on to the next  project.  You will be surprised how gratifying this is.

Don’t bog yourself down in “I should have” for the prior year.  Look forward to what you CAN accomplish over the next year

Happy New Year!

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New Years Resolutions – The Journey Into 2013

New Years Resolutions

Should you make Resolutions for the New Year or not?  I didn’t last year and had one of the most frustrating years of my life.  To me “Resolutions” are a list of items you want to accomplish over the next year.  They are not written in stone.  Be reasonable when you write them.  Don’t write something down just because someone else thinks you should.

Resolutions should be fluid, ever changing just like your life.  If you know by February some of them aren’t working, cross them out and add new goals.  This is a guide line for the next year.

These are your resolutions not someone else’s.  Don’t add something to your list like “Loose 10 pounds” just because your friend did.  Loosing weight shouldn’t be about an arbitrary number it should be about eating healthier, smaller portions.  On my 2013 Goal list I have “Eat Healthy”.

Don’t make a list of Resolutions you know you won’t keep, make obtainable Goals instead and change them as the year evolves.

Happy New Year!

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
Abraham Lincoln
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