What a Beautiful Morning

Morning Journaling

It is cloudy out this morning, which makes it a good time to sit down and journal. Although any time is a good time to journal. Day, night, rain or shine, journal and feel the stress leave your body.

Why journal? It clears the heart and soul of things that get in the way. Sorrow, fear, hate. Write them down and close the journal and walk away. Better yet, tear out that page and burn it. You will be surprised how much satisfaction and cleansing this will bring.

THEN, journal about the things you are thankful for in your life, be it either the past or the present. Your family, friends, the animals in your life, there is no limit of people or things that bring you great joy. There is so much to be thankful for each and every day.

I am thankful for the clouds and rain as they are rare where I live. The beautiful sunrise I got to see this morning because my cat Thor Kitty insisted I get up. Now, because I got up, I get the witness and enjoy the rare quiet of my house, as I sit here journaling with coffee in hand and my cat curled up at my side.

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Wet Paper Bag

It continues to amaze me how many people can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag.  They spout off on any and all subjects.  Some will read an article (usually only part of the article) and then they know all there is to know on the subject.  This is not only tiresome but can be dangerous when giving someone else advise that could effect their health or safety.

I never believe everything someone else tells me.  I do listen to what they have to say.  Then  if the subject is interesting I read, research and come up with my on conclusions.

Don’t let someone else lead you blindly around by a ring in your nose, know what is going on.  Never allow someone else to do your thinking for you.

Remember when reading an article whether from a news outlet or a blog that it is usually slanted to the views of the writer.   The same goes for listening to someone on TV, listen to their view but research to make sure you totally understand the subject matter.

Think, Read, Research!

Think Man, Think!

“Although we think we know it all, we don’t, you will for a fact learn something new everyday.” Unknown

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Chiricahua 2



Your Creative Journal

Creative Journaling/Writing has no boundaries unless you make them.  Write, draw, stamp, color!!  You don’t have to stay within the lines.  Write a story; create a song, a poem.  Over the years you will build a wealth of notes that could lead anywhere you want to go, the next great novel, or screen play.

You never know!!

“All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” – Steve Martin


1.    Romantic

2.    Lyrical

3.    Silly

4.    Thoughtful

There are quite a few faces to poetry, from metered rhyming verses to free style to a more formal structure.  All are great for journaling; whether they are serious, fun/silly, and lyrical or thought-provoking they are all a great form of expressing yourself in your journals.

Free Verse Poems

1.    Emotions

2.    Worries

3.    Humor

4.    Sensitivities

Free verse poems don’t rhyme or have any set meter but they flow from you mind, your heart, and your soul with rhythm.

Essays and Prose

1.    Fiction-Write a story

2.    Real life-Write about a day/week in your life

3.    Fable-Write a fairy tale

4.    Observations

Create a fairy tale with yourself as a hero.  Use fact, fantasy and anything else that comes to mind. Bring out the writer that is hiding within you.  Create a drama and spill your guts.


1.    Tell a story

2.    Parody-Tong-in-cheek

Songs usually tell a story.  Pour your heart out; let your emotions tell a story in song. Write a funny parody about life.  Write a song about your child, your favorite pet or a lover.

Journal, Write, Create

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Setting Priorities

Do you set daily, weekly priorities or do you avoid them?   I make a weekly list of what I need to get done.   I write down my priorities in what I feel is a logical order then walk away for a couple of hours.  Then, when I come back, I usually end up rearranging the order of what is important.

I always put what I dread the most first on my list and tackle that right away, like “Pay Bills” which I hate to do.  When I accomplish that, I feel really good, and dive in to the rest of my list.  The best feeling is drawling a line through the items I accomplish…..Done and Done!

Don’t make your list complicated, keep it simple and focused.  I usually have one or two words that are a reminder of what I need to do.  If your list is too complicated you will walk away from it overwhelmed and never get anything done.  Remember not everything on your list is always going to get done.  Life happens and you will either move the item down on the list or it’s no longer important.  You always need to be ready to adapt and change.  If the item is important enough put it on next weeks list.

Some people have a jar with really big jobs written down on a piece of paper.  Once a week they take an item out of the jar and “Get it done”.  You will be amazed how good it feels.

“Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.”  Dallin H. Oaks


Open Journal

Musings on a Hot Day

It’s hot here, then again Arizona is usually hot.  April through October you can count on it being hot.  But seriously I am tired of temperatures over 110 degrees every day.

I haven’t always lived in Arizona.  I came from Ohio, a small farming community when I was in high school where you actually had four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  Here in Arizona you have Mildly Hot and Really Stinking Hot.

We moved her when I was in high school and I left behind my boyfriend and my best friend Judy.  Judy was and is a great and understanding friend.  She is not judgmental and was my friend even though I was on the shy side and geeky!  I envied (I was actually jealous) of Judy’s ability to make friends and talk to just about anyone.  Groups of people then and now scare me.  I would rather be making my journals, on the computer or reading a good book.

But I am rambling.  Yes although Arizona is HOT, really HOT  this is home and I love it here.  Think I will stay!


Travel, Vacation Journal

Travel Journaling

Travel whether it is near or far is a great opportunity to learn and grow outside your normal surroundings.  People, places and notes about prices, where not to stay, are all great information.  You might want to keep a separate journal for each journey.

Travel Lessons

1.    Hotels

2.    Rentals

3.    Airlines

Keeping track of where not to stay, where the best hotels or eateries are.  Track the weather, the delightful or grouchy people of the area.  Hiking trails, which one were easy which ones had the poison ivy!!  Take pictures of your hikes and attach to your journal pages, draw pictures, or press wild flowers between your pages.

Sensory Record

1.    Sight

2.    Sound

3.    Color

Make your entries live with descriptive words; this will instantly take you back to any vacation or trip.  Don’t wait until the journey is over or there will be so much forgotten.  Capture the mood with drawings, sketches, and pictures that you tape inside your journal pages.  Take notes as you go along, then sit down each evening and write while your relive your wonderful day.

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” — Oscar Wilde

Creating Your Dream Journal


“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”  ―    Gloria Steinem

Our dreams are a rich source of entertainment and wisdom.  When we journal about our dreams we can learn about our past, our longings, hurts and attitudes.

Making regular entries will create a tool for personal enlightenment.  They can reveal a problem you never knew was bothering you.

Remembering Our Dreams 

1.    Write

2.    Write

3.    Write

Immediately upon waking write what you remember about your dreams.  Whether it is in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.  Keep a note pad, pen and a notebook or journal next to your bed.  Do not rely on your memory, as you will forget your dreams.  Our dreams are revelations and if heeded and analyzed, recorded often lead us to growth and healing

Dream Recall 

1.    Truly want to remember your dreams

2.    Tell yourself you WILL remember

Have a short talk with your subconscious and tell it you value your dreams and want to remember.  Ask for help in doing so. Reinforce the desire to remember.

Make physical space for your dream journal.

A dream journal is best written when you first wake up, so the best place for keeping your journal is next to your bedside on a table or trunk.  I keep mine in a wicker basket along with a pen and a small flash light. You can also buy pens with lights already in them!

The problem with rummaging for something to write on and with is that you’re likely to forget your dream, so make this part of keeping a dream journal as easy as possible!  Everything you need nice and handy.

Make your Dream Journal a separate journal from your daily journal.  I carry my daily journal with me and don’t often remember to place it on my bedside table every night.  Keep your Dream Journal accessible to your bedside so you can write immediately upon waking.  Your Dream Journal could fuel ideas for that next great novel!

“All men dream:  but not equally.  Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”  ―    T.E. Lawrence